As our society evolves into the 21st century, we must lobby and pursue legislative change to the current way we make and use energy. Together, with other renewable carbon neutral sources of energy, we must make waste a strong, environmentally safe, and carbon neutral component of energy production.

There is no other more effective or cost-effective way to mitigate climate change. This Nature Based Solution (Agricultural Production System) of soil sequestration can be readily replicated all over the world and unquestionably has the potential to be the new “Moonshot”, “Earthshot”, or “10X plan” for mitigating climate change.

That said, there’s no way we can have a lasting impact without the efforts and participation of people around the world. Please, improve your planet by supporting and spreading the word to friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Buy carbon offsets today and contribute to the 10x Climate Change Solution movement.


Got Questions?

What is the Mission of Ag Carbon Solutions?

To provide agricultural goods, services, and energy, to provide renewable energy. To mitigate climate change through use and sale of clean wood and vegetative materials diverted from the waste stream. No other methodology or means has such sustainable, cost effective, and vastly expandable potential to absorb and sequester carbon dioxide in the ground and soil locally, nationally, and globally.

What about Carbon Neutral Cattle?

The created offsets will be allocated to cattle. These cattle will be ear-tagged or branded as carbon neutral.

ACS currently has 400 head of grass-fed beef cattle under contract for this purpose. Ag Carbon Solutions has a target goal of 20,000 head of carbon neutral beef.

Why is a Nature Based Solution important?

“Nature Based Solutions (NBS) can be rolled out to sequester the carbon that is being admitted to give us a bridging mechanism from a fossil fuel dependent economy to a low carbon economy. Some estimates reckon that within the next 10 years, nature based solutions will be 37% of that solution.”

Stewart Maginnis

NBS Group Global Director

What is Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)?

Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration, is a process that captures carbon dioxide emissions and either reuses or stores it so it will not enter the atmosphere.

Read More on Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage/Sequestration (CCUS).

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